Research and Development

The HINDSYHT project

The HINDSYHT project (Highly-Integrated Distributed Synchronization for Structural Health Monitoring) aims to bring useful insight regarding the structural integrity of an infrastructure. Assessment will be made possible by employing ultrasonic testing techniques that are otherwise used for the purpose of non-destructive evaluation. The adaptation of such techniques for structural health monitoring will be rendered possible with the innovative use of modern and state-of-the art technology in the neighbouring areas of electronics, communications networks and digital signal processing. The proposed platform comprises a wired network of synchronised nodes, bearing the capability to both sense and emit ultrasonic signals. For testing the system’s performance a simple steel truss structure will be constructed on which the nodes will be deployed. The extent of artificially-induced structural changes in the truss will then be measured by the monitoring system. The project’s acronym stems from the project’s title in a word play with the word “hindsight” which involves the understanding of an event that has already taken place.

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