Signal acquisition lies at the core of Semacq’s expertise and specialisation. A great deal of attention is given on the physical quantities to be measured, their natural properties and the best way to acquire the desired number of samples per second without compromising the signal integrity or the system’s functionality. More specifically, Semacq sets out the following guidelines on any acquisition project:

  • A well thought-of analgue front-end, signal conditioning, pre-amplification, ADC surrounding circuitry and power supply.
  • Well-budgeted silicon usage and best-possible exploitation of the chosen MCU, SoC, FPGA device.
  • Exact calculation of the required data rates, network bandwidth, communications overhead, sustained storage throughput and memory hierarchy.
  • Scalable post/pre processing of data based on the general project context.
  • Consice real-time data depiction and a clear, accurate user interface and visualisation.