With an eye for detail, a spherical view, a restless attitude for perfection and a knowledgable proprietor, Semacq Systems is capable of pointing out even the smallest detail in a project well before the prototyping phase and even past the unforeseeable. A meticulous treatment of the requirements capture phase will point out most of the individual sub-systems, their interoperability and shake off any misjudgments. Output includes:

  • Size, space, weight, power, cost and deployment requirements.
  • Breakdown of a system’s main specification from the the mechanical, hardware, firmware, middleware and software engineering standpoints.
  • Decision on the state-of-the-art (or beyond) of the technologies to be employed for each sub-system, possible alternations to the specification and worst-case scenario mitigation strategies.
  • Pinpoint accuracy in the prototype requirements phase with the selection of exact-fitting evaluation modules and glue logic.
  • Action plan and timetable preparation with a shortest-to-target mindset based on the constraints at hand.
  • Filed-acceptance tests, documentation preparation.